Friday, April 5, 2013

Back By Popular Demand

Hi HumorQ Fans,

By popular demand I return to the blog with another champion interview...

An Interview With HumorQ Champion Ted Rivera

UB: So, you’re a HumorQ champion. To what do you credit such an impressive sense of humor?

Ted: My parents have no sense of irony (we're Puerto Rican), so I ended up overcompensating for this. Also, I watch a lot of Telemundo. Oh, and vodka.

UB: Do you have some sort of ritual that you do that helps you submit champion caliber captions?

Ted: I check in early to see what fiendish new panel Uncle Bob has devised and drive myself crazy all day trying to think of something that makes me laugh or at least smile.

UB: Are there certain people you’d like to approach and say “Remember that day you said I wasn’t funny? Well my humorq is 200”

Ted: My entire high school graduation class. Also, everyone I've ever worked with, dated or met in passing.

UB: Let’s say you realized a tiny goat family has been living in the glove compartment of your car, what would you say to them?

Ted: Wow, I have a car!!

UB: Fair is fair. Do you have a question for me?

Ted: Any projects coming up? Books, compilations, shows, schemes, plots to overthrow the government?

UB: As a matter fo fact I will be once again competing in the Funniest Person In Austin contest.  I go up on Sunday April 14th, and I'll hopefully get some video posted sometime soon thereafter.

In case you happen to write one liner jokes too, what (tasteful) one liner joke of yours would you like me to try out for you at my next open mic visit? (which I would put on youtube so you could see if it worked)

Ted: OK, true story. A female friend once had a guy brag to her about his equipment, stating it was 9 inches, then amending that by saying it was actually 81/2. She said, “Oh, so you round up?” Is that too racy?

UB: Is there another website (besides where we put a number oh how funny people are), that you would like the world to know about?

Ted: I find The Onion pretty darn funny (though it's not for everyone's tastes).

UB: Finally, is there anything else you would like to share with the people learning about HumorQ?

Ted: Stick with it and try to play every day. It took me about a year and a half to become the champion of the month – yes, I'm in the Pantheon! But seriously, subtlety, irony and absurdity can be your best friends. Usually short and snappy is better, unless you have a really great idea and a punchline to go with it. Mostly just have fun and don't get discouraged. Some of my own personal favorite captions struck out worse than the '62 Mets. You just never know what will go over big and what will sink like a stone.

And let's all thank Uncle Bob for giving us this little oasis in an all too often tough, cold world.

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