Monday, June 20, 2011

CBS Recognizes Me for Fourth Time

Probably many of you don't realize that while I created HumorQ because I wanted to play the most ultimately fair caption contest, that I don't actually play HumorQ myself.  After all, I'm the database programmer, and I could cheat.  The day will come when I can hand the programming over and then I will play and see how well I do.  I need to warn you though.  I've just been validated for the 4th time in's late show Top Ten Contest ...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen. HumorQ Champion, Dustin Gettel

So, you’re a HumorQ champion. To what do you credit such an impressive sense of humor? 

I fully credit the success I've achieved at HumorQ to my steady diet of inexpensive government cheese and boxed wine. 

Do you have some sort of ritual that you do that helps you submit champion caliber captions?

Well, I get to work around 8:30 every morning, and by 8:32 I'm at thinking about the latest caption contest. After my second cup of coffee and some additional non work-related web browsing, the captions normally come to me in an unsteady haze of caffeine and Baileys Irish Cream. 

I should ask if you're still working.  Anyway, are there certain people you’d like to approach and say "Remember that day you said I wasn’t funny? Well my humorq is (fill in your humorq here)"?

Pretty much every teacher I've ever had from kindergarten through college made it clear (some more abundately than others) that my humor was not appreciated in their classrooms. Head teachers and principals frequently got involved.

Let’s say you realized a tiny goat family has been living in the glove compartment of your car, what would you say to them?

Do you see my insurance card and registration in there anywhere? This cop looks pretty mad.

Fair is fair. Do you have a question for me?  

I have one question and a related follow-up: What percentage of submitted captions actually make you laugh, and do you have a favorite all-time submission?

I don't ever laugh because people already think I'm a bit off. A couple html tags short of a working web page some say.  But there's a number of them I secretly enjoy.  One of my recent favorites was the guy staring at the clothes dryer, and Avis Rawlinson's winning caption... "Alvin suddenly had the urge to see what he´d look like after a  "fluff" cycle."  What a great place for Avis's brain to go.  That was awesome.

Is there another website (besides where we put a number on how funny people are), that you would like the world to know about? 

Well, surprisingly, there is. My friend and I write a professional wrestling blog and would love to shamelessly promote it here, thanks:

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share with the people learning about HumorQ? 

Please don't let the glamour of becoming a HumorQ champion ruin you. Sure, the weekly champagne parties and private jets are nice, but your soul will soon become bitter and empty ... until you fill it with more government cheese.