Thursday, September 1, 2011

Newest HumorQ Caption Prototype Accdentally Left In Bar

In what appears to be a complete breakdown of caption security a member has claimed to have left a bar in Austin Texas while failing to retain the cartoon caption prototype he had been working on for the latest contest.  The HumorQ member wished to remain anonymous but had this to say.

"I had the cartoon in my head all day.  There were some mediocre captions that came to my head, but we're talking humorq scores of 110, 120 at the most.  Then, right as I'm finishing my first Mexican martini, it came to me.  I jotted it down on my napkin.  And then I guess I just left it there like a suitcase that should have been handcuffed to my wrist.  I'm just beside myself.  Not in a there's me, and there's another me right here kind of way.  I mean I'm upset.  The caption had something about an anchor and a three dollar calculator, but that's all I remember.  I know it was at least a humorq of 180, and now it's gone."

Skeptics believe this could be an intentional copycat leak to try and stir excitement about the caption contest at .  Whatever.


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